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Please Note: An extra .004 BNB is charged to cover the gas of your snipe, this is non-refundable. Another .006 BNB is charged to help with AWS costs, this is refundable. You may cancel your snipe at any time before it has executed for a full refund of the BNB provided and service fee (minus the gas fee).

Snipes are executed in the order they are created. You are not guaranteed the same price as another user with the same snipe.

How to Use

  • 1. Determine which token you want to snipe
  • - Ideal sniping candidates are tokens with:
  • - Large Communities
  • - Whitelist Presales
  • 2. Check the token on Rugdoc.io
  • 3. Paste the token address in the first box
  • 4. Determine how much BNB you want to snipe with and enter in the second box
  • - There have been reports of issues when using long decimal strings (.0123345...)
  • - Please use whole numbers (i.e. 1, .1, .01, .001...)
  • 5. Click Open and approve the transaction
  • - The page will automatically refresh when the transaction is mined, reconnect your wallet to view the pending snipe
  • 6. You can cancel the snipe at any time before it has been executed by selecting Cancel on the right side of the listed snipe

DISCLAIMER: Sniping tokens has inherent risk and should only be done after carefully researching the token. The T2K team is not responsible for any losses you may incur. Snipe at your own risk.